New prices in operation from August 1st 2011, postage, figures, exchange rates have all gone up and so we had no choice... sorry!  Galleries updated 7th August!





Important News

Orders Update

The floods which caused chaos in Thailand between September and December had a major impact on production and especially on shipments both into and out of Thailand. The problems in Chiang Mai were nothing compared with the flooding in the Bangkok area.

This included the inundation of the main commercial airport which caused massive delays in transit of goods. It also led to the apparent loss of some shipments. We have engaged an agent who has been successful in working with the shippers in identifying and recovering missing parcels. Some of these have been returned to the UK, others to the Thai workshop.

We are now working on sorting these orders, replacing, repairing and rebasing where necessary and repacking for shipment. We are very sorry for the inevitable delays that have occurred but we hope that you understand that the circumstances have been beyond our control. All orders will be completed as undertaken.

New prices in operation from 1st August 2011




We have recently suffered from a number of customers defaulting on payment for orders, and this has created a number of problems for us. Regretfully this means that we have been forced to change our standard working practice regarding painting orders. Regular customers will be aware that although our terms require a deposit for orders that in fact this was rarely collected as we prefer to trust our customers. However because of the defaulters recently experienced we will now require payment for the purchase of figures prior to the commencement of the painting. I am very sorry that we are forced to introduce this change.

Exchange rates

It will not have escaped the attention of our customers that their have been a number of problems in the World economy over the last couple of months, and that some pundits claim this will get worse before it gets better.

As a company that operates overseas the impact if the fluctuating Pound and Dollar has been keenly felt. In fact our production costs have risen by almost 25% thanks mainly to the falling . Remember that our 15mm figures are charged in the Aus$, transported to Thailand, painted then charged to us in US$.

We have decided to cut back on stock production. We hold supplies of figures in Thailand, and a wide range of 15mm units in the UK, but we will not be purchasing any more 15mm for stock until the economy improves. We will still produce units to order, and will have the figures posted direct from Oz to the factory which will improve the turn around of orders.

As our 28mm, 10mm and 6mm stock are produced in the UK the problems are not as intense, but the painting and shipping costs have effectively risen by 20% so we will be limiting the amount of stock held in these ranges once the models currently being prepared have been received.

I hope you will bear with us in these changes and understand the reasons for them.

Getting Bigger, and smaller, all the time

Wargamers are a funny bunch, just as we get settled into producing high quality 28mm and 15mm units, consistently to the standards that you demand, a number of you decide to drop down to 10mm scale, and drive our painters up the wall learning a new set of skills.

40mm Front Rank


A small range of fully rigged ships are now available from 75 each. Full painting and rigging service available


Front Rank Highlanders


Magister Militum 10mm

AB 15mm


The Wild West painted in the East!


We also received reinforcements for our Really Big Battalion project. We are producing an early C18th British Battalion on a 1:1 scale, using the brilliant models from Lancashire Games.

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Redoubt Gunboat Set





























































































































































































































Please note that due to changes beyond our control, we are no longer able to accept payment via American Express card


 Hand painted flags to your specifications are available from 10 each.


Units for Sale

Boxed Units

40mm Figures

28mm Units

We are updating details of in stock in the meantime e mail bigbattalions@yahoo.co.uk with your requirements.





Big Battalions is the trading name of Siam Painting Services (Thailand)



They have been requested for some time and are now available in limited quantities. You may obtain a 28mm sample figure for 5 (6 Europe), and a 15mm figure for 2.50 (Europe 3) including postage and packing. This cost can be recovered on a subsequent order of 100 or more.




Who are We?

 We have no connection with a wargaming Group called Big Battalions who have presented some excellent display games at shows throughout the country.

Third World

Some of our customers have made us aware of comments made by certain people regarding our company, and accusing us of  of exploiting Third World poverty.

Well we are not sure if these comments are made from malice or ignorance, but either way this is simply not true. Thailand is one of the Pacific Rim "Tiger Economies" and far from the traditional view of a Third World nation.

New Year Celebration

Yes our staff do not earn the same salary figures as most workers in the UK, but then again their costs of living are substantially lower, such are the aspects of a Global Economy.

To be clear, our staff are able to earn a monthly salary equivalent to that of teaching or bank staff. Their working conditions and premises are amongst the best in the city, and we are continually being approached by potential recruits. Not really a portrait of classic exploitation!!!

So buy with a free conscience!








































































































































































































































































































































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