British Napoleonic Horse Artillery

British Napoleonic Horse Artillery

Welcome to Big Battalions

Big Battalions is a British figurine painting company, we provide professional painting services for war game figures and collections. You will find our service to be great value for money and very fair in price but we will never compromise on quality.

As previous war game collectors we understand the important of quality and we understand our customers requirements better then anyone else in the industry. We guarantee our customers will find our services to be a pleasure and will be delighted with the outcome.

Here at Big Battalions we promise to provide our customers with a service that is great value for money and high in quality. Our customers will find no hidden costs for extras just a fair and honest priced for exceptional standards of painting. Coming from experience in the wargaming industry I know just how exacting these standards can be and how disappointing it can be when painting companies let you down. So for those who wanted instant armies we would produce a range of bespoke ready painted units. We now offer an exciting range of 28mm, 15mm and 10mm Napoleonic and Ancient units ready to use on the table. The ranges will continue to expand with time to meet the demands of customers.

Please visit our painting order page which has a step by step guide on how to send your figurine to us. You will find the painting order form on a separate page.