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British Napoleonic Horse Artillery


Polish Light Company

Polish Light Company

Welcome back to Big Battalions. I am slowly getting use to building this restructured website and will continue to add to it as time allows. I intend to start writing a reasonably regular news column detailing what we are up to and new things we are covering. This will be particularly important to those who like to buy ready painted units. I will also keep you updated on news from our agents and what they are up to. The big news is I have finally retired, after thirty two years practicing as a barrister, and hacking round the criminal courts of the north west of England, and not forgetting the Immigration Tribunals, I have finally hung up my wig and called it a day. The disgraceful cuts to legal aid which is ongoing did push me a little to make good on my long held desire to move to Thailand and get on with running the business, hands on. So here I am. We are based in Chiang Mai for those that do not know. We employ local people and they produce the painting under my supervision. So some wargame news. I would remind those that do not know, and are based in America, I have two agents based there. Rick O’Brien is based in Huntsville Alabama and is known to many of you as ‘The Flag Dude.’ In Simsbury, Connecticut Jacob Kovel runs Silver Eagle Wargame Supplies. Both agents carry a stock of ready painted units. They are also local agents for painting commissions. Anything they don’t have in stock I am sure we can supply in a reasonable time.

For those with a keen eye you will also have noticed there has been a rethink on the prices for 40mm and 54mm figure painting. I have considered this long and hard and have decided the prices set by John some time ago can not be justified. I have therefore significantly reduced the prices for these two categories of painting. I am sure this news will be most welcome to those who have been thinking of having their 40mm armies painted or wish to indulge in collecting 54mm figures. Please look at our painting prices and consult your local agents if you wish to place orders for these two categories of painting.

So happy wargaming and collecting and watch this space for news of what is new.

Graham Campbell
25th November 2014

Welcome to Big Battalions

Big Battalions is a Thai based figure painting company. We provide professional painting services for war gamers and collectors. You will find our service hard to beat, and great value for money. Our prices are competitive, but we never compromise on quality.

As war gamers we understand the importance of quality to the discerning player and collector, and we understand our customers needs and desires better than most in the industry. We guarantee our customers will find our service to be efficient, approachable, flexible and responsive. We understand the desires of the modern war gamer to have the best painted armies at a reasonable price. Our customers will find no hidden costs for extras, just a competitive price for a consistent and professional high standard of painting.

For those who want instant armies we produce a range of bespoke ready painted units which are available from our agents. We now offer an exciting range of 28mm, 15mm and 10mm Napoleonic and Ancient units ready to use on the table. The ranges will continue to expand with time to meet the demands and desires of customers.

Please visit our painting order page which has a step by step guide on how to send your figures to us. You will find the painting order form on a separate page.


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